Metal Divot Tool

$ 24.00

With a unique look with two medallions nested on either side, this divot tool makes a great gift or stylish choice for someone looking to make a statement.

Initials are removable, making a fantastic ball marker.

Imagine marking your ball with confidence with your own initialized ball marker! The second permanent medallion is perfect for your corporate logo, tournament logo or sponsor logos.

Minimum 25 pcs per order for custom logo.

Stock logos available at lower quantities.
3-4 week delivery time

These unique items all receive 2 locations of customization.
• First location is a custom medallion with your logo and company name reproduced in metal.
• Second location is for the "Initials" of each person receiving the item. Every 2 letter combination is available, or you may choose a 1 or 2 digit number. All initials are only available black with white characters.
• Stock medallions are available instead of the custom medallion. This allows for faster turnaround time and lower minimums.